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Yolanda Urena


• Graduate of Webster University
• Bachelor of Arts in Social Work
• Master of Arts in Counseling

Yolanda was born in New York and then moved to Miami Florida. Yolanda received their Bachelor’s in Social Work at Limestone College in Greenville SC. Yolanda has 20 years in social services and with that passion in helping people, Yolanda received her Master’s in Counseling at Webster University Greenville SC. 

Yolanda has been working as a social worker in skilled nursing homes and helping individuals adjust to challenges and life changes. At the present time, she is a counselor for Department of Juvenile Justice and helping adolescents cope with their challenges and daily decisions. She helps adolescents with their triggers and coping skills. She incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy, person-centered approach and solution-focus therapy with empathy and care. 

Yolanda incorporates an emphasis on cognitive behavioral therapy and solution-focus therapy approach to counseling, treating individuals, families and couples with compassion and unconditional positive regard. Yolanda has worked with a variety of issues including but not limited to anxiety, depression, trauma, substance abuse and behavioral issues. 

Yolanda is excited to be a part of Innovation Counseling Services and provide individuals with compassion and empathy, and assist them in finding happiness within themselves and their relationships with others. She believes in providing a cognitive behavioral and a person-centered approach to assist her clients in becoming more self-confident and self-fulfilling. She believes that individuals are distinctive, and her goal is to assist individuals that challenges appear impossible but are not. She believes individuals have the power to learn to love themselves, overcome challenges and live life to the fullest.

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